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Mass Effect 2: Activate Console (Pcc Patcher) + Cheat Codes

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Added: March 23rd, 2018 - 17:25
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Epic Legion has created a program that will remove the limit of 50 saves on the PC version of Mass Effect 2. It also can open the ingame console plus other tid-bits of cool stuff if one so desires. The program is called the PCC PATCHER.

PLEASE NOTE: You must have the version 1.02 ME2 Executable for this to function.

Here is how to open and use its functionality:

Download & extract the enclosed folder from the linked zip file to your Mass Effect 2 Binaries folder: Usually located here: Program FilesMass Effect 2Binaries
Open the PCC PATCH folder and drag the enclosed files directly into the ME2 binaries folder.
Double click the ‘PCCPatcher.exe’ that is in the binaries folder now and then proceed to the below instructions once the program has opened:


File > Open engine
usually located here: Program FilesMass Effect 2BioGameCookedPC
File > Open SFXGame
usually located here: Program FilesMass Effect 2BioGameCookedPC
Basic Mods Tab
Select the tick boxes that you want for your game.
Main Tab > Save Packages
Run the newly unofficially ‘Patched’ Mass Effect 2 and enjoy the enhancements.

Command / Description / Example
GiveTalentPoints intvalue / Give (remove) talent points / GiveTalentPoints -5
GiveXP int value / Give experience / GiveXP 1000
GivePower target power / Give a power to the target  / GivePower self SFXPower_Shockwave
RemovePower targetpower / Remove a power from the target / RemovePower self SFXPower_Shockwave
SetRank target powerint rank / Set the rank of the target’s power / SetRank self SFXPower_Shockwave 3
GiveItem target object / Give a specific object to the target  / GiveItem Self HeavyPistol
GiveSuperGun / Give 99999 ammo clip and increases damage tremendously / GiveSuperGun
SetParagon int value / Set paragon points / SetParagon 3000
SetRenegade int value / Set renegade points / SetRenegade 3000
EnablePowerCooldownbool value / Set power cooldown (not working with class-specific skills) / EnablePowerCooldown 1
God / Toggle godmode / God
KillTarget / Kill the target under the reticle / KillTarget
KillEnemies / Kill all enemies / KillEnemies
KillParty / Kill henchmen / KillParty
StasisParty / Freeze henchmen / StasisParty
KillSelf / Suicide / Kill the player / KillSelf
InitAmmo int value / Set ammo / InitAmmo 999
InitMedigel int value / Set Medi-gel / InitMedigel 5
InitProbes int value / Set probes / InitProbes 50
InitFuel int value / Set fuel amount / InitFuel 500
InitCredits int value / Set credits amount / InitCredits 10000
InitPalladium int value / Set Palladium amount / InitPalladium 1000
InitIridium int value / Set Iridium amount / InitIridium 1000
InitEezo int value / Set Element Zero amount / InitEezo 1000
InitPlatinum int value / Set Platinum amount / InitPlatinum 1000
ToggleFlyCam / Toggle free camera mode / ToggleFlyCam
Shot / Take screenshot / Shot
TiledShot int multiplierint overlapPixels / Take screenshot at many times the screen resolution / TiledShot 3×3 – with a grid of 3×3 (input 1440×900, result 4320×2700)
PlayersOnly /TogglePlayersOnly / Freeze the game / PlayersOnly
ShowHUD / ToggleHUD / Toggle most parts of the HUD / ToggleHUD
Show Scaleform / Toggle Scaleform elements (text, quick slots). / Show Scaleform
SloMo float multiplier / Change the game speed / SloMo 2
FOV int fovDegrees / Modify field of view (overrides every game-initiated FOV change (sprint, cutscenes) until the load screen) / FOV 80
UnlockAchievement intID / Unlock an achievement  / UnlockAchievement 3
At / Open string value / Teleport to the level / At BioP_ProCer
Stat FPS / Toggle the framerate display / Stat FPS
SetIntByName stringnmVar int value / Set integer variable (use to unlock upgrades) / SetIntByName Tec_AutoPistol 5
SetBoolByName stringnmVar bool value / Set boolean variable / SetBoolByName Bloom 1
SetBoolByID int nmVarbool value / Set story boolean variable / SetBoolByID 27975 1
Exec filename / Execute a file under the Binaries folder (type commands inside, and the game will run them) / Exec powers.txt
Profile combat target / Show combat data for the target / Profile combat self
Profile power target / Show powers data for the target / Profile power target
Profile anim target / Show animation data for the target / Profile anim SFXPawn_Garrus_01_0
Profile camera target / Show camera data for the target / Profile camera self
Profile tech / Show upgrades data / Profile tech
Profile vehicle / Show vehicle data / Profile vehicle
Profile none / Clear the screen from profile data / Profile none
ce hench_picksquad / Select squad / ce hench_picksquad

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