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Added: February 7th, 2018 - 16:40
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no big names
but still Jay Eff Kay

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JFK is proud to present:

[ Diablo II retail Brute Force Keymaker
[ Release Date: 2000-07-02

Woohoo… finally made it… This Keymaker will generate random keys
and output each one of these keys that should work with Diablo. This
method, as most of you might know, is called brute force. Hence the name
of the program 😉

The keymaker is based on the installer, so there is a slight chance that
the game itself has some extra checks, but I tested the game with
a generated key and also with a completely wrong key (softice’d the
installer), and it worked. Maybe Battle.net won’t accept these keys, but
who cares… buy the game if you need multiplayer.

There was a brute force keymaker around for the beta of Diablo II, but
it didn’t work for the retail version. That’s why I did this one. Since
then, Blizzard seems to have added another check which imbeds two fields
in the key. One is a product ID, which the installer checks for. The other
one is calculated in the installer, but never used. Maybe it is important,
maybe not… who knows…

Have fun with this keymaker… I had fun creating it.

JFK signing off…

P.S.: This is my first attempt at softice’ing a program…
Easier than I expected 😉

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